Tokenomics Is An Important Science In Crypto Assets

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Similar to the cash mechanism, crypto assets also use certain mechanisms to monitor aspects of currency supply. Tokenomics is a mechanism that enables transparency so that monitoring of the money supply can take place.

Tokenomics is

a branch of science that studies how crypto assets work on a broad scale. Consists of two words, namely token, which has the meaning of a standard unit of crypto assets. While nomic comes from the word economy.

There is a need to quickly create new currencies around the world, due to the pandemic response. This relates to bank bailouts to meet demand.

The government supervises the process of creating additional currency. Why do you need supervision? This is based on the emergence of additional money that can cause a decrease in the value of existing money.

The decline can take place quickly or slowly. You can feel the decline when the price of goods increases from year to year. 

Meanwhile, tokenomics focuses on cryptocurrencies that are built on blockchain. The currency issuance schedule already has a previous schedule. Its creation is algorithmic, allowing accurate predictions of how many coins there will be.