Trending Dextools Today, Vicmove Token: The Best Move to Earn NFT Game

To get started, you need to download the VICMOVE app. Download the VICMOVE app. Download from (link). Next Sign up for VICMOVE.

After gaining access to the app on your respective device, you will be able to register for VICMOVE with your email address. You will receive a verification code which you must enter to enter the application.

Then connect your wallet. After logging in VICMOVE, connect your Metamask Wallet to your account. Then Buy sneakers, Check out the in-app Marketplace and choose Sneakers! You can use the Filter tool to search for your preferred type of sneaker. Make sure you have enough BNB for the purchase. If this has been done you are now ready to exercise while making money.

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Based on the editorial monitoring of, Vicmove’s transaction volume in the last 24 hours was $8,363,336.47 with a total market cap of $15,274,367.09. The token, which has a website address at, follows the success of other Move to Earn tokens, such as the Green Metaverse Token. For those of you who want to buy it, you can buy it at Pancakeswap and Dodo. As of this writing, there have been 27,427 BSC addresses that have become Vicmove tokan holders.


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