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The motive of just being physically fit is not strong enough. There is a huge gap between the motivation to exercise and the amount of effort it takes to really succeed because for some people exercising is a lonely and boring activity. Humans are social creatures. It’s boring when you do something alone, especially exercising at home.

The current generation is used to the instant gratification that is missing from exercising. Vicmove’s mission is to encourage people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. To achieve this mission, token developers believe that web 3.0 offers a perfect mix of tools such as NFT games, native global currency, Community effects, etc., which brings exciting elements of fi-fi, social-fi, and real-money prizes.

In addition, linking one’s important daily activities to web 3.0 allows developers to bring mass adoption to web 3.0 in the most convenient way.

The main advantage and feature of Vicmove is the ease, anyone can use. You don’t need to understand NFT or Crypto to get started. Burning those calories is all you need to know, to start using VICMOVE.

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Building exercise habits is difficult, especially when it comes to your health. Using real money prizes and exciting gaming/social elements, VICMOVE helps you to be physically active and get fit because by exercising you can simultaneously earn cryptocurrency and increase your NFT value every day just by walking, running and cycling.

How to use Vicmove App

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