CakePad, The Best IDO Defi LaunchPad

TCW News – CakePad is the ultimate Multi-Chain, the premier LaunchPad IDO platform for projects built on the Binance Smart Chain and all blockchain networks.

What is CakePad LaunchPad ($CKP)?

In the future, Cakepad will be the place to launch high-quality projects that investors can choose for themselves on the Blockchain. Cakepad’s Launchpad Multichain is a complete Decentralized Platform, Providing a low-risk participation framework is essential to reaching global retail in venture capital.

$CKP is the first Blockchain incubator with multi-chain Launchpad and multi-chain AMM Dex, Powering the next big thing in the blockchain industry. As a key to building and investing in the blockchain Industry.

$CKP will focus on incubating the best Metaverse, Game, Launchpad, Swap, coin, and micro-cap Projects, as we allow blockchain startups to build, seamlessly raise funds, and launch.

Innovators and startups can directly present their proposals to the $CKP team who will carefully examine, analyze and review their projects. The project provides support in business development, operational support, networking, advice, creative direction, tokenomic development, and secure escrow locking.

It will provide a perfect guide for startups through their growth and development phases, help Startups refine business ideas, and accelerate their growth with the minimum viable product (MVP)

Investors will be given various opportunities to invest in verified startups of their choice, thereby contributing to the development of new ideas in the industry. The multi-chain auto market maker decentralized exchange $CKP will serve as a Defi instrument for startups.

$CKP AMM Dex will pool liquidity from multiple reserves, support instant and secure token exchange, and give new projects access to the most liquidity, lowest slippage, and Dest exchange rates across the defi industry. $CKP AMM Dex will integrate multiple chains, providing unmatched speed, security, and scalability.

$CKP has been working to launch a platform that offers venture funding at tiered risk levels. The $CKP development team created a platform that combines a key solution to a problem that early-stage businesses face: startup funding. Cakepad’s successful market strategy operates in the areas of funding, and technology consulting.

Is CakePad Safe?

Cakepad is a BEP-20 token built on the binance smart chain, and smart contracts are programs that run on the Binance blockchain and are supported by the platform. CakePad smart-contract is audited by Coinscope at the following URL

Smart contract analysis reports no compiler errors or major issues. Contracts are pure implementations of the ERC20 interface. Therefore, there are no specific findings. No functionality can be abused by token owners or the development team to interfere with user transactions. Based on bot safe analyzer checks 98.25% of Cakepad’s liquidity was locked for 362 days at PinkSale.

The Cakepad development team has done KYC (Know Your Customer) on Coinscope and also Pinksale at the following address This gives investors both old and new peace of mind to be confident and comfortable investing in Cakepad.

By the time this article was published, Cakepad had managed to break through its newest ATH (All-time High). Based on data compiled by MediaInvestasi editor from, Cakepad’s transaction volume for the last 24 hours was $4,456,607.53 with a market cap of more than $2,839,331


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