The Phenomenon of Artist Tokens, Threat or Opportunity?

Crypto Asset Investment Analysis

Whether it’s an artist-made token or a team of other developers, TCW Token holders must check the team that developed it. Don’t just close your eyes and be lulled because of the public figure behind it.

You have to make sure the various projects in it meet the standards required to be developed in Indonesia. To view crypto assets as a threat is to overestimate luxury and makes no sense at all.

Tokens that don’t think about utilities have the potential to damage the industry. Therefore, it is very important to do a dyor to check the background, including permissions.

So that later, you will not regret choosing the artist token. It is also advisable to complete the analysis of the artist token phenomenon with governance and already have the results of the assessment. The results of the assessment using the Analytical Hierarchy Process will be better.


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