The Phenomenon of Artist Tokens, Threat or Opportunity?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The phenomenon of artist tokens that has emerged recently has attracted public attention. However, you can’t be careless without Dyor.

The development of the crypto industry continues to increase. The phenomenon of artist tokens is one of the things that has recently attracted the attention of the public. Not a few public figures involved are the main attraction.

Understanding The phenomenon of Artist Tokens

TCW Token holders, of course, cannot avoid the phenomenon of artist tokens. The emergence of new tokens actually indicates a positive thing. And also a sign that the development and innovation in the crypto industry is very good.

Moreover, the blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia is also growing. The welcome and enthusiasm of the community are also the next signs. However, this enthusiasm must also be addressed with caution.

To release a token that has a global standard is not easy. There is a due diligence process that must be fulfilled by the developer. 

TCW Token holders, when you want to buy a crypto asset, you must do some research. This is important because it will determine how the next asset will develop. 

You can first check the whitepaper completely. This is the same as the prospectus function in the stock world. 

In the whitepaper, there will be a roadmap process or roadmap of the crypto asset. How the tokens initiated by these artists will develop and innovate. 

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