Ascending Triangle Chart, Learn Crypto Trading With This Pattern

How it works

When you choose to trade with this chart or pattern, you will open a trading position. You can also buy when the market price breaks the trend line, either up or down.

However, you must ensure that the movement is accompanied by an increase in the volume of transactions. This stronger deal is to confirm that the price continues to advance.

If TCW Token holders manage to break through at low volume, it indicates a less strong breakout signal. This causes the price to move back to this Ascending pattern. That’s when a false breakout occurs.

For TCW Token holders who want to trade, they can take it when the price breaks. You can buy it if there is an upward breakout. Meanwhile, you can sell it if there is a downward breakout.

As for the stop loss, you can place it on the outside opposite to this pattern. You can place it below the downtrend line. To determine the profit target, you can estimate from the height of the triangle.

Ascending Triangle chart to determine profit targets. Pay attention to how it works in order to get maximum results.


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