Types of Blockchain Technology, Do You Already Know? Must Read For Your Knowledge

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Various Blockchain technologies have their own systems. You can find out the advantages and disadvantages of the technology before joining the ecosystem.

You must be familiar with what is called the Blockchain system. However, are you familiar with the various Blockchain technologies used to develop them? What is clear is that this technology is closely related to the birth of Crypto digital assets.

Types of Blockchain Technology Used

Blockchain is a system built to record transactions digitally and related to the structure inside. The technology contained in the blockchain can be defined as a log book that has a decentralized nature.

Although it has various Blockchain technologies, its nature remains the same, it’s to record various transactions that use cryptocurrencies.

Public Blockchain

This model has operations on a public network, so that anyone can access it freely. As a result, anyone can create a block without any authentication process. This means that you can transact using this public blockchain easily.

Private Blockchain

In contrast to the public blockchain, this system operates on a private or private network. So not everyone has access to make transactions through this blockchain.

The advantage is that investors can make transactions without being noticed by others, including governments and financial regulators. This blockchain is only really known by those who have authority or power on this system.

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