Tradeable Crypto, Check The List Now!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Tradeable cryptocurrencies give you the opportunity to make additional investment instruments. Thus, your investment goals will be achieved.

Until now, there are 229 types of crypto that can be traded in Indonesia. The digital asset transaction has been in effect since December 17, 2020. Crypto trading itself is regulated by CoFTRA or the Commodity Trading Regulatory Agency.

What Cryptocurrencies That Can Be Traded?

Based on the regulations issued by CoFTRA, tradable crypto assets must first obtain a permit. With  granted of this permit, no other crypto assets may be circulated without the permission of the institution.

CoFTRA Regulations

Regulations issued by CoFTRA are certainly intended to protect the public from legal uncertainty. The reason is that crypto investment has started to increase since the pandemic hit.

Even so, in the regulations that have been published, it is possible for traders to submit proposals for additional types of crypto in the future.

If it meets the requirements, of course, the proposed new asset will be included in the permitted list, so that trading transactions can be carried out. If that happens, the community will have a variety of new investment instruments.

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