Poocoin App, Know What Its Features!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The Poocoin application is the site with the most visited DeFi reviews when compared to exchange applications on the BSC network. Take advantage of all its features.

The Poocoin application is a website that can analyze trades on Defi. This app has rivaled Dex Tools, Ethereum’s proprietary tracking analytics. Become the most visited review site by users around the world.

Getting to know the Poocoin App

In the Poocoin app, it’s easy to see an index for all token contracts on the network that supports it. In addition, there are transaction details for sales and purchases in real time. Complete with charts, market cap, LP tokens as well as crypto wallet.

New holders of TCW Token can use this application because there is a new feature for instant tracking. You can use Poocoin bots in the Telegram crypto group.

The birth of this application as a new protocol that can analyze PancakeSwap tokens. At the same time, it is a complement to existing applications.

Why is Poocoin Unique?

This app has improved functions as well as new features. Here are some features that TCW Token holders can rely on.

Wallet Tracking

This will make it easy for TCW token holders to track balances in crypto wallets. All tokens can be linked to this app with value in USD. If you have many tokens, you can mark them as favorite tokens, so you can separate the tokens.


For this widget feature, you can use it as an exchange available on each chart. You can use this feature to sell and buy crypto tokens instantly. So that TCW Token holders no longer need to visit DEX.

You can use this widget for free. In addition, users can also save trading time because transactions will be automatically forwarded through the machine.

Telegram Bot

Use a free tracking bot for your crypto assets, which is compatible with this app. Telegram is an application that is widely used in crypto groups. It’s also easy to use because you only need to enter the keyword “/price”. Use this app on any token Instantly.

Apart from providing a free version, the Poocoin app also provides a set of premium features. You can use it to do wallet tracking as well as token trends. So it will be profitable for crypto traders to trade and be profitable.


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