Buy The Dip, Is It Necessary To Do It Now?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Some people argue that buying the dip is necessary to deal with the war situation between Russia and Ukraine. After some assets have decreased.

In the 4th week of February, the Russian attack on Ukraine occurred. This causes a drop in the price of crypto, so it is necessary to Buy The Dip. How much investors have to take advantage of this momentum, of course, there are many underlying factors.

Getting to know Buy The Dip

Of course, every drop in price makes TCW Token holders and investors have to determine steps to deal with losses. Buy The Dip is the momentum of buying crypto assets when prices are experiencing a decline. 

This term is present as a common expression that is often used by investors and traders when there is a short-term decline. When crypto assets experience a decline, traders see it as profitable momentum if they make asset purchases.

The background is based on the theory of price waves. Where traders or investors will make purchases after the asset goes down. At the same time , there is hope for profit when the market rebounds. 

Expert Opinion About Dropping Prices

What TCW Token investors need to pay attention to when facing price declines in the crypto market is asset class fundamentals. You can check whether the fundamentals of crypto assets have changed or not.

While there is actually a possibility for further declines, the asset class is expected to absorb a large volume of buying. Pay attention, whether it exceeds the value or the amount will decrease.

Reflecting on Covid-19 pandemic event, when stocks and crypto assets experienced a sizeable decline. However, these two assets could manage to recover and even reach new highs.

Looking at the data from CoinMarketCap, the market cap has increased to 721.940 billion US dollars. Globally, it also experienced an increase of 4.58 percent. Other data revealed an increase in bearish sentiment. This prompted macroeconomic and geopolitical concerns. 

Meanwhile, liquidity remains stagnant. This shows that traders should be more careful with leverage. You can monitor the price of each crypto token in detail before executing this strategy.

Buy The Dip , but remember to monitor the price first. Because every crypto token has different conditions.


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