RI Crypto Exchange Coming Soon, in TheFirst Quarter of 2022, DFX Candidate for Indonesian Crypto Exchange

THECRYPTO.WATCH – RI Crypto Exchange is expected to be able to improve security and protection for consumers and traders. Considering the increasing number of crypto transactions and investors in Indonesia.

The government, through the Ministry of Trade, will soon establish RI crypto exchange. This is not without reason, because crypto is increasingly popular with the Indonesian people. There are already tens of millions of customers, with transactions reaching hundreds of trillions by 2021.

In the near future, the government will build an exchange for cryptocurrencies. The establishment of the exchange is intended to revive and make the asset ecosystem better.

The Importance of the Indonesian Crypto Exchange for Investors and Local Transactions 

The Deputy Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga expressed his hope that the crypto exchange will be present in the first quarter of this year. He said this at the inauguration of the Tokocrypto T-Hub in Batu Belig, Bali.

Jerry Sambuaga added, now buying and selling transactions directly to traders. With the existence of an exchange, it becomes more accountable, starting from clearing, custodial and recording. In addition, the existence of an exchange can increase security, protection and integration between consumers and traders.

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