It turns out that it’s easy to make a withdrawal on Tokocrypto

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Making a withdrawal on Tokocrypto is quite easy and the admin fees charged are also relatively cheap compared to other marketplaces.

Tokocrypto is one of the official platforms that is widely used for buying and selling crypto. However, do you understand how to withdraw on Tokocrypto? Can you do it already?

In addition to making deposits for purchases, of course investors also want to withdraw profits from every crypto sale transactions that has been made. Just like a deposit, there are steps that need to be taken to make a withdrawal or transfer of profits from a crypto wallet to a personal account.

How to Withdraw on Tokocrypto

Tokocrypto is the official platform for making transactions to invest in Bitcoin, a crypto asset. It’s no wonder that many beginners are finding out how to withdraw funds from these crypto buying and selling transactions.

Before making a withdrawal, first understand the following two things:

Pay attention to the Terms and Conditions.

You need to know, for withdrawals on Tokocrypto, an admin fee of IDR 5,500 will be charged. This fee is cheaper than on other platforms. Do not be surprised if the balance decreases. This applies to every withdrawal transaction, so don’t do it too often so that your balance doesn’t get cut off continuously.

Amount of One Withdrawal Fund.

On Tokocrypto, you can make withdrawals of up to IDR 250,000,000. A very large number of values. You can make adjustments to the amount you want to take.

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