Cryptocurrency Market Cap, How to Calculate It?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Still not many understand how to calculate the cryptocurrency market cap. But this is useful when determining the choice of crypto assets.

Market capitalization shows a close relationship with investment. Included in the cryptocurrency market cap, you can use it to check the latest prices before trading.

Getting to Know Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Through market capitalization research, you can consider the steps to be taken, such as making a sale, purchase or HODL. This is the reason traders monitor prices on the market cap.

So, it can be concluded that market capitalization is a unit of measure that will show the value of assets in the crypto market. In addition, it is also useful to identify the value of assets accurately. Market capitalization can be a reference for comparing one asset to another.

How to Calculate Market Cap

To calculate the market capitalization of a crypto asset, you can multiply the total circulating supply by the coin price. For example Bitcoin, which has a supply price of 18,000,000 BTC. For the price per coin, for example, 23,000 dollars. 

Then you can multiply 18,000,000 by 23,000 so that the result of the cryoptocurrency market cap is 414,000,000,000 dollars. You can also find out the market cap amount on the crypto asset platform. It usually displays the results.

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