Find Out What Crypto Mining Is And How It Works

THECRYPTO.WATCH – One of the most common ways for people to invest in crypto is to do crypto mining. Some people must have understood what is crypto mining. However, for those of you who have just heard this term or just want to do it, let’s find out first in more detail.

What is Crypto Mining?

Before doing crypto mining, of course, you must first understand what crypto mining is. How to do it and so on.

Mining or in Indonesian called menambang, is the process of investors mining crypto assets, in this case Bitcoin. The goal is to get as much Bitcoin as possible without having to keep an eye on its movements in the crypto market. Even without the capital to buy Bitcoin.

However, in reality crypto mining requires a large amount of capital because it requires special hardware and software, which are quite expensive. However, as innovative technology advances, of course, there are ways to do what is crypto mining easily and for free.

Free and Easy Crypto Mining

Now you don’t need to prepare sophisticated computer equipment or install special software for mining. It’s enough with an android device and internet quota, crypto mining can now be done anywhere and anytime by anyone.

There are many websites to applications that can be downloaded on Android to perform crypto mining. You just need to do some of the given tasks or conditions and the Bitcoin reward will be yours. In addition, you can also refer friends to join in using it. This will increase the amount of Bitcoin that can be earned.

Various Free Bitcoin Sites

Some of these sites you can visit for free crypto mining.

  • CryptoTab
  • BitzFree
  • Eobot
  • Miner Farm
  • Micro BTC
  • Crypto Farming
  • Cointiply

Each of these sites generally provides easy-to-do tasks, such as watching ads, playing games, or just browsing. Of course, crypto mining results are not like our trading, but there’s no harm in trying. That’s a glimpse of what is crypto mining and application sites that can be used for mining.


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