Can Crypto Money Be Withdrawn? Check out the reviews!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Many people are afraid to invest in crypto because they don’t know how to withdraw funds. Safe crypto investment in Tokocrypto, which is registered with CoFTRA.

Digital currencies are currently widely used as trading issuers. There are various types of cryptocurrencies traded in the crypto market. By using Tokocrypto, crypto transactions can be easier and more practical. Then, can crypto money be withdrawn? The answer is yes. Follow the “withdraw” steps quickly here.

How to Withdraw Tokocrypto Money Quickly

For beginners, maybe not many people know how to cash out the crypto you have on this one platform. It’s very easy, though. You can follow the steps as below:

1. First, log in to your Tokocrypto account. Then select the “wallet” menu.

2. Select “withdraw”, and select IDR for the rupiah withdrawal option.

3. Next, the Bank option will appear, just click on the name of the bank that will receive user funds.

4. If you don’t have a registered account, select the “add account” option, then register the user account number. The account name must be the same as the Tokocrypto account name.

5. Next select “request a withdrawal”.

6. Type in the desired withdrawal amount. Click “confirm”.

7. Wait for the funds to enter the account.

8. After the process is completed, the user can immediately check the nominal balance on the registered account mutation.

The time it takes to make this withdrawal is only 10-15 minutes, it’s even faster. This depends on the internet access used and the withdrawal nominal. Usually the smaller the nominal, the faster the withdrawal process. The steps above have answered: can crypto money be withdrawn?

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