What is DApps and What are Some Examples?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – What is DApps, you must have often heard this term in cryptocurrency. However, there are still many who do not know its function and how it works.

What is DApps gives an overview of how this excellent feature works on the Ethereum blockchain. TCW token holders must have often heard the term decentralized apps. Find out more about what it does. 

What is DApps

Getting to know what is DApps as digital programs that provide services to applications in general. The difference when used on a blockchain network is that it provides control. Thus, the data from users is much more controlled without a centralized intermediary. 

The function to control data from users is because this application uses P2P computer networks and blockchain. So that its use in cryptocurrencies will be open source. In addition, its use will be free from any single authority.

Types of DApps

On the blockchain network, you can find many types of decentralized apps, which are:


If grouped by usage, it will consist of several types of DApps, which are:

·         Applications that are built using their own network. 

·         Using another blockchain, but still using its own token. 

·         Decentralized that are built using tokens and resources from other networks.

Data Security

There is also a decentralized application system based on the type of security, they are:

·         Participants of the blockchain network using the Ethereum blockchain are anonymous.

·         As for the second type, using nodes. From this node can track as a whole so that it can maintain security.

How It Works 

Decentralized Apps have a backend code. This code is also known as a smart contract that resides on a blockchain network. From this smart contract, it can store data from each user.

Smart contracts function as contracts that automatically run when the function of the agreement between the seller and the buyer of crypto assets is fulfilled. The development team of TCW token will develop it in a single line of code and written in a smart contract.

This code is open source, so it can be useful for developing projects that support it. The supporting features in this application can be useful for tracking users and cannot be changed.

What is DApps can provide understanding to crypto asset users. So you can take advantage of all the supporting features in it. 


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