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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Recently, crypto has become one of the most traded issuers, in addition to stocks, mutual funds, and gold. Investing in crypto will be easier using Tokocrypto. Below, we will discuss how to create a Tokocrypto account via PC.

1. First log in to the Tokocrypto web, the address is at via browser.

2. Click “register” then fill in an active email address. Also include the password for the Tokocrypto account. Create a password that is easy to remember using a combination of letters and numbers.

3. Include the referral in the reference ID column. This code can be obtained from people who recommend the use of Tokocrypto. Usually there will be an additional bonus for the giver and user of the referral, by filling in this column.

4. Check the User Terms Agreement column, then click “Register”.

5. Alternatively, Binance account users can register more easily. Just click “sign in with binance” then the account will be automatically registered.

6. After that, the user will be asked to fill out a registration form. This process requires a name and an ID card number. So make sure the identity has been prepared to make it easier to fill out the form.

7. After already submitted, Tokocrypto will send a confirmation email.

8. After the email verification is complete, the user can immediately login. Then how to create a tokocrypto account has been completed. Just go to the next stage.

Tokocrypto KYC Process

After logging in, users cannot make transactions. They must pass an advanced verification process called KYC. At this stage, Tokocrypto will check to match user data with their identity. This process takes 1×24 hours. After the process is complete, Tokocrypto will send a notification that the user is ready to transact.

After KYC has been processed, users can make buying and selling crypto transactions. Make sure you have made a top up of at least 10 US dollars, and the investment is ready to be made.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest crypto on Tokocrypto. After knowing how to create a Tokocrypto account, register immediately and get the various benefits now!


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