How to Create a Binance Account, Do TCW Token Holders Know?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Running on Binance system, TCW Token holders should understand how to create a Binance account. BNB is one of the largest cap coins. So that you can exchange between coins as well as from coins and altcoins.

Getting to Know Binance

Apart from being able to make transactions, Binance will also make it easier for traders to read charts. Even if you have to pay for an exchange. However, the cost is very cheap. 

The cost per transaction of 0.1 percent is, of course very cheap compared to others. So how to create a Binance account .  

Check out How to Create a Binance Account.  

Check out the steps to create an account on Binance below. 

Visit the Binance Site

The first step, TCW token holders can visit the official website of Binance. Pay close attention to the padlock logo at the top left. If it is green, then it is correct. 

Creating an Account

After that, you have to create an account. Click the “register” button, so it will switch to the registration page. Fill in the correct email address because there will be a confirmation. 

The next step is the stage to prove that you are not a robot by answering riddles.

Activate 2 FA

You are required to activate 2 systems for security. This is to prevent hacking of data on your account. The way this mechanism works is by changing the password every minute. It starts when you open Google authentication on your phone. 

Every time you log in, you will be asked to enter a code into the 2-way security system. In addition, your mobile number will serve as a second password for your account. 

Given that Binance is very easy to use, it has a lot of fans. Apart from buying large cap coins like Bitcoin, you can also buy Altcoins. For beginners, having an account on Binance is also very helpful in analyzing. 

Binance has provided crypto asset charts, trend lines, a nice interface that you can also enjoy on Binance. So it is important to know how to create a Binance account. Considering that TCW token is also in the BNB network, it is also the right solution to analyze the market as a whole. 


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