BOMB Crypto Coin 100,000,000 Supply

THECRYPTO.WATCH – BOMB Crypto Coin is a game that uses the Play-To-Earn system. This game was developed by the Vietnamese company, Senspark. This independent game development company was founded in 2011 focusing on games for Android or iOS phones.

In this game, the game uses multiple cyborg bomb heroes to fight against enemies to earn BCOIN. In this game, there are game modes for treasure hunting, battles, and story modes. NFT heroes can be obtained by players by buying, trading, and auctioning.

One of the places to auction Nft heroes is at the Bomb Crypto marketplaces.

Getting to Know How to Get BCOIN in Bomb Crypto Coin

Each NFT game has its own currency that can be used by players to buy game items or characters. This game itself uses BOMB Crypto Coin in transactions. Whether it’s buying or selling NFT items, bomb-producing characters, etc. BCOIN itself supplies this game with as much as 100,000,000 based on info from Bomb Crypto.

This game is a game to get the BCOIN genre or currency. Players will move the characters of the bomber heroes to fight the monster army.

The hero characters will be controlled by the player to explore the virtual environment, bomb, fight monsters, and save the kingdom from monster disturbances. Well, after that, the player will get the reward.

The hero characters in this game have different stats. Players can get bomber heroes with very strong stats to upgrade their fighting abilities or to sell it. In essence, before we play, we must have a bomber character first.

Based on data from Coinmarketcap, the price of BCOIN touched IDR 38.088.80 and once occupied the glory value of IDR 44,662.19. As for the lowest price, BCOIN has a value of IDR 32,223.36.

Before playing, we must have a character and to get it, we can buy it using BCOIN on Bomber Crypto Marketplace.

Well, that’s all about Bomb Crypto Coin. This game is very popular among NFT gamers. Make sure you have a wallet where you can buy BCOIN.


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