Yusuf Mansur’s Daughter’s Crypto, Know the Fundamental Elements!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Another newcomer, Yusuf Mansur’s daughter Crypto, stole the public’s attention. Know the fundamentals before you buy it.

The development of cryptocurrencies can no longer be dammed. Another Yusuf Mansur’s daughter’s crypto asset has stolen the public’s attention. Know more before you start trading them.

Find Out Yusuf Mansur’s Daughter’s Crypto

Wirda Mansur’s tweet on I-Coin has garnered a lot of public attention. Yusuf Mansur’s daughter’s crypto will launch in February 2022. 

Wirda Mansur’s decision is arguably following in the footsteps of influencers and artists Raffi Ahmad and Anang Hermansyah. Both of them have already dived into the world of crypto assets. 

Indonesia Coin will develop 3 things in the crypto world. Metaverse, Games and Non-Fungible Token Marketplace have been the main points in developing this crypto token. 

I-Coin will be a native Indonesian token that will develop the largest ecosystem using blockchain technology. The advantages that will synergize and support each other will benefit the users.

The Presale process of I-Coin took place on February 14, 2022. 

Getting to know Wirda Mansur

Having the full name Wirda Salamah Ulya is the eldest child of Ustadz Yusuf Mansur. Still at the age of 20, Wirda already has an interest in the business world. This step is not far from the steps taken by her father. 

Ustadz Yusuf Mansur already has a name in Indonesia. As an ustadz, Yusuf Mansur has also given birth to books. In addition, his gait also did not escape the Daarul Quran Islamic Boarding School. 

The launch of this token is also an example for young people. Do not limit yourself as a user, but can even develop again as a crypto token maker.

Wirda emphasized that, in making crypto tokens, one must pay attention to the use case. Not just following the trend that is developing. A token will survive if it has clear fundamentals. 

This girl also invites young people to familiarize themselves with technological advances like today’s. Because if you can’t keep up with developments, you will be left behind.

Yusuf Mansur’s daughter’s crypto will add to the long list of domestic crypto tokens. It is not impossible that the more crypto tokens, the more Indonesia will be taken into account in the crypto world. 


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