How to Calculate Crypto Gains For Beginners, It’s So Easy!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – When investing, investors certainly expect profits. Likewise with crypto, it’s just that many don’t know how to calculate crypto gains. Especially for beginners who are just trying their luck in this world.

How to Calculate Crypto Gains and Existing Risks

Like other investment instruments, crypto also has a risk of loss. In fact, the risk is much higher than stocks or mutual funds. However, this is worth the opportunity to earn high profits as well.

How to calculate crypto gains yourself is quite easy. Even for beginners though. Litedex Protocol’s Public Relations Manager, David Saragih, analogizes the advantages of crypto to other businesses. For example, a shoe business, with such a capital price, is then sold at a higher price.

When investors manage to raise prices, that’s the profit they get from crypto. It’s just that the assets traded in the form of digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Shiba. However, beginners should focus on only one type of crypto .

Focusing on one type of coin will allow you to better monitor price movements. The difference between the purchase price of digital assets and the selling price is also the profit of the cryptocurrency.

One of the most recommended coins for these new investors is Bitcoin. A coin that initially only cost tens of thousands, now has a price of hundreds of millions, even close to 1 billion. Opportunities to make big profits are also easier to reach.

However, behind the tempting benefits. Investors should remain alert to the risks that lurk. The reason is that if you miscalculate the situation, the losses incurred can reach hundreds of millions as well.

In order to avoid big losses, you should study this digital investment instrument. There are many sources that can be used to learn about cryptocurrencies. Even so, make sure the learning source is trusted and provides complete facilities.

Another way not to lose is to start investing with small capital first. Even if you are diligent in surfing the internet, there are many sites that offer Bitcoin for free. The gains are not big, but they are routine every day.

There is still a lot to learn besides how to calculate crypto gains. So that novice investors can become big investors with big profits from crypto coins.


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