Crypto Games Without Capital, There Are 4 That You Must Try!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The popularity of crypto games without capital is now increasingly widespread and has many enthusiasts. You can try it to make quite a lot of money.

More and more people are tech savvy, so they are taking an interest in crypto games without capital. All have the same thought that this game has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. Especially if you have the potential to make money by playing games.

4 Crypto Games Without Capital

Through this play to earn , players can conquer challenges, battle simulators, tasks and much more. Here’s a list of crypto-based games that you can play without capital.

Axie Infinity

The game has had a huge fan base in the Philippines and has spread all over the world. You have to learn the ecosystem in this game without needing any capital.

Before playing, the player must first have 3 monsters or Axies. However, what if there is a shortage of funds? You can take advantage of the scholarships available in this game.

There are 2 game modes that you can choose from, which are player vs environment and player vs player. All your earnings in this game can be sold, bought or exchanged.

God Unchained

The next crypto game without capital is God Unchained. You can collect and redeem cards as NFT assets. In this game, you have to fight other players in order to rank up. Scratch card sets can be obtained for free and there is no need to log into the blockchain.

However, as a condition, players must win the battle first so they can get Flux. Then you can print the card on the Ethereum blockchain.


The next game is Splinterlands, which allows players to get crypto coins on blockchain five in the form of NFT assets. It has more than 280 cards that you can get without capital.

Each card has different attributes. Like in other games, you can sell or buy using DEC tokens.


You can try the Chainmonster game, which is on blockchain flow. The monsters in the game have unique powers which are NFT assets that can be traded. You can get it for free and get attractive rewards.

crypto games without capital you can play and get profits. In addition, you can also trade the NFT assets in it.


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