Becoming a Sultan By Making Money From NFT

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Non-Fungible Token or better known as NFT, is trending and attracting the attention of the wider community. Many people were interested and started looking for how to make money from NFT after Ghozali’s photo went viral. Are you one of them?

NFT itself, is still a derivative of the blockchain system in the form of a digital certificate of ownership of a work. As the owner of the work, you can sell NFT from cheap to exorbitant prices.

How to Make Money from NFT

Ghozali Everyday, a young man from Semarang, Central Java, suddenly went viral after making billions of rupiah after selling his selfies on OpenSea. It’s not just Ghozali, there are still many work’s owners who sell NFT at high prices.

For those of you who are curious, just go ahead, here ‘s how to make money from NFT:

You Need a Crypto Digital Wallet

Before you have a work, you must first have a crypto digital wallet. You can create this digital wallet on one of the crypto platforms.

Create an Account on the NFT Marketplace

Before creating a work, you must first create an account on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Don’t forget to verify your account.

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