Gamers Must Collect This Coin, Meong Token

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In the midst of a pandemic situation, MeongFinn remains optimistic about launching Meong token. Even the developers have prepared a play-to-earn with 19 developers. Extraordinary!

The interest of the Indonesian people in investing in the crypto world has increased rapidly. Many platforms and types of crypto coins have sprung up. One of them is Meong token. This coin is originally made by the nation’s children, and has been successfully floored on crypto exchanges.

Get to know the Meong Meme Coin Token

This meme coin was listed on the crypto exchange for the first time in June 2021 on the Binance Smart Chain as a platform. A trial of this coin was conducted a month ago with limited access, and the response has been great. Meong token with code MEONG is an asset developed by Dogecoin. Meong adopts a cute cat meme that is always smiling.

This one cryptocurrency was created using decentralized finance. It offers interesting features. These features include: Meow Saving, Meong Wallet, Meong Farming, Meong Swap, and Meow Earning.

Meong itself focuses on NFT. NFT itself is a token that cannot be transacted, either by buying or selling. NFT is devoted to buying digital assets in the form of photos, videos, sound recordings, songs, and others.

NFT is usually found on blockchain. Blockchain is a data system connected to cryptography.

Making Games and You Will Get Meong Prizes

MeongFinn, as a developer of Meyong coins, held a competence to make games with Meong tokens as prizes. Because it is NFT based, this coin can indeed be used as a means of payment for digital data to creators. To mine Meong, currently there are two games that can be played, which are Meong Village and Meong Runner.

The Future of Meow

As intended, this coin will contribute to the development of the digital-based future of Indonesian cooperatives. digital financial system education, as well as the pioneer of the super IDM application. This coin is supplied with one billion coins that can be purchased on Binance.

Buying any coin, you still have to do an in-depth analysis. But at least, plunging into the world of crypto can be an amazing experience for an investor. Because in the future, digital-based payments such as NFT, such as Meong token will become more commonplace. So don’t miss it!


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