2 More Pintu Crypto Assets are added to the Pintu Application, Hurry up! Invest Now!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The addition of Pintu crypto assets after the release of Pintu Earn is expected to increase the enthusiasm of cryptocurrency investment in the Indonesian people

Another pintu crypto asset featurewas added to its trading by PT Pintu Kemana. This platform is an application that is used to perform crypto trading transactions.

Last December, Pintu released one of its flagship features, Pintu Earn, which will give crypto holders interest every hour. Now the trading platform provides an opportunity for novice investors to start investing in their new crypto asset, which are USDC (USD Coin/9 and USD Tether.

Thus, there are a total of six types of Pintu crypto assets traded by Pintu to support Pintu Earn.The CEO of Pintu encourages novice investors to take advantage of the opportunity by investing in the two stablecoins, USDT and USDC.

Tether or USDT is one of the pioneering stablecoins that has been released since 2014. The value of this coin is comparable to the value of the US dollar because the released USDT will have a number of collaterals. with the same amount of US dollar reserves.

At this time, USDT is one of the most popular stablecoins by market capitalization value. While USDC is a stablecoin managed by cryptocurrency company Coinbase.

Therefore, Pintu Earn offers the potential to earn profits by placing its assets in Pintu Earn. Crypto asset investment is still very broad and has features that can still be developed in the future with various challenges and existing conditions.

Therefore, Pintu Earn could be the right choice for both novice and professional investors who are still waiting and monitoring crypto movements. The reason is that in the crypto market, fluctuations are very fast and are influenced by the supply and demand for this digital asset.

Through the Pintu Earn feature, users can get an interest rate of 4 percent per year, which is systemically paid hourly. This can be done by storing assets in the Earn wallet.

Pintu Earn also provides flexibility in order to be able to withdraw the existing balance in the Earn wallet to meet trading needs.

With this Pintu crypto asset addition, it will certainly excite the users of the application. Thus, investing in cryptocurrencies will become more popular in the community.


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