Nabila NFT Limited Edition, Special Gift on Valentine’s Day

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Nabila NFT limited edition will be a special gift and of course, unique. The fame of Nabila and Tri Suaka is no longer in doubt.

Tri Suaka and Nabil fans will get something amazing. Nabila NFT limited edition waslaunched to coincide with the Valentine’s Day Event. Fans will get special prizes in the form of non-fungible tokens. 

Nabila NFT Limited Edition For Fans

With this Nabila NFT limited edition, the management team officially cooperates with Red Carpet NFT and WSPP. All holders and fans of Nabila and Tri Suaka will get a special gift randomly.

The 2 selected NFT holders will get a special opportunity to meet and greet with Nabila and Tri Suaka. Winners will get full services for free. 

All NFT holders will get VIP members. Ownership of this member will provide special discounts for merchants, lounges and other facilities. The VIP member will also visit the Borobudur and Magelang temple areas.

A portion of the non-fungible tokens will also be distributed to charities. For all fans, don’t miss the launch event on February 14, 2022.

The Benefits of Owning This NFT 

This non-fungible token purchase will be traded on the Wolfible NFT marketplace. Prepare your Trust Wallet and make as many NFT purchases as possible. The price is affordable, which is 0.1 NBN or around IDR 600,000 per coin.

Valentine’s events are always crowded with chocolates and flowers to express love, nowadays the trend of digital assets is more interesting. This NFT with the image of Tri Suaka and Nabila will be a symbol of love and intimacy. 

Another utility besides the value of this non-fungible token is the special opportunity to meet two phenomenal singers in person. The raffle will be done automatically from the smart contract. 

NFT owners, apart from getting a 50 percent discount when traveling to Borobudur Temple, will also get the following destinations:

·         Ngargogondo

·         Tuksongo

·         Wringinputih

·         Karangrejo

·         Borobudur

The existence of NFT Tri SUaka and Nabila is also a new way to promote Smart Village. The use of blockchain technology in the concept of a tourist village is the first in Indonesia. 

Nabila NFT Limited Edition does not only provide benefits to token holders. But the collaboration with Smart Village also provides benefits for the community on the issue of economic recovery.


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