Green Cryptocurrency Prices: Top 5 

THECRYPTO.WATCHCryptocurrency prices show a green color, which means the average is increasing, but investors should be aware of fluctuations.

Cryptocurrency prices have turned green again after the slump. That’s because investors are withdrawing due to the financial performance of the Meta platform that is not satisfying them.

However, it looks like investors are back on these crypto coins and greening them. Except for one coin that is still red, which is the USD coin with a 0.05 percent decline in the past week. We took this data from CoinMarketCap in the morning at 08.30, on February 5, 2022.

Cryptocurrency Prices

Apart from USD Coin, other cryptocurrencies are crawling towards better values. For more details about the price of crypto currencies, see the description below till the end.


The coin is green with an increase of 11.64 percent in 24 hours and 9.79 percent in the past week. This increase brought Bitcoin to a price of $.41,463.05 per coin with a market cap of $786.59B.


Ethereum is also not behind, showing the green color with an increase of 11.21 percent in 24 hours and 16.63 percent in the past week. The coin’s price is now $.2,978.07 per coin with a market cap of $356.17M.


This coin also showed a strengthening by rising 0.02 percent in the past week. This gain takes Tether to $1.00 with a market cap of $77.96B.


Next is Binance, which increased by 7.44 percent in 24 hours and 2.74 percent in the past week. Binance is currently valued at $398.27 per coin.

USD Coin

The coin is up 0.08 percent in 24 hours and down 0.05 percent in the past week. Its current value is $1.00 with a market cap of $50.85B.

Meta Platform shares are said to have disappointed investors and in the United States, the stock market has corrected quite deeply. The optimism of investors who believed in the financial technology of the Meta Platform is now fading. This is due to their disappointing quarterly performance.

Shares of Meta Platforms also showed a decline of 26.4 percent after the company reported that its earnings quarter was under expansion. Its earnings projections are also weaker-than-expected for the current quarter.

Even though the price of cryptocurrencies shows a green color, vigilance must, of course, remain because it still tends to fluctuate.


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