Axis Token, Monitor the Charts So You Can Profit!

THECRYPTO.WATCHTraders can choose Axis Token as a crypto asset. As a token with a basic game, that is fundamental to being able to compete with other tokens.

More and more new tokens appear, one of which is Axis Token. Having an asset fundamentalist in the field of gaming is a mainstay. You can choose this growing token as a crypto asset for investment.

Getting to know Axis Token

Axis Token has a private blockchain built into a live transport network. So that it becomes the first token without a broker in the cryptocurrency industry.

This token has artificial intelligence, so it is the trigger for many applications that benefit the supply chain. Globally, the supply chain’s value is $12 trillion.

There are 4 main points in this token, which are:

Data Integrity

From the beginning until the end, the blockchain will ensure security and visibility for the entire chain of custody.

The Exclusive Access

The token will provide API access to the blockchain called LaneAxis. This enables data retrieval and confirmation of supply chain delivery achievements on the blockchain.

Smart Contract

As for the smart contract, it will result in a contractual relationship between the sender and the carrier.

IoT sensors

This token will leverage IoT sensors as well as artificial intelligence with delivery capacity. These shipments can be analyzed and stored accurately on the blockchain.

This utility from Axis functions as an access key to APIs in the blockchain ecosystem. It will also facilitate transactions and access to all data. In addition, this utility will be used to run applications.

Today’s Price 

Monitoring the price of this token on CoinMarketCap is at IDR 234.86. Had decreased by 4.18 percent from the previous price. The token, which is ranked 1214th, currently has a total of 3,382 addresses.

Its market capitalization is IDR 75,225,687,133. Meanwhile, the transaction volume for 24 hours was IDR 45,536,760. This token has a circulating supply of 320,303,188.40 AXIS.

The maximum supply for now is 1,500,000,000. 21 percent of the tokens that have been circulating.

Axis tokens can grow again even though the price goes up and down. However, many people believe that they can still survive with their fundamentals.


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