Crypto Literacy, TCW Token Takes Part in Introducing Crypto Risks

THECRYPTO.WATCH – literacy needs to be continuously boosted so that people understand the risks of investing in crypto assets. So you don’t get caught by a scammer.

The number of investors in crypto assets is increasing. However, it is not accompanied by adequate crypto literacy.Therefore, TCW tokens participate in educating the public at large with the journalism platform.

What is Crypto Literacy?

Crypto literacy needs to be expanded again to introduce how much risk there is in crypto investing. High profits can be obtained with crypto investments. So that it can get attention until now. 

Traders can get profits in a short time up to hundreds of percent. As a result, many retail and millennial investors are emerging and choosing to invest using crypto assets. 

If it is not balanced with the right education, it is likely that traders will lose money. In cryptocurrency, there are various terms related to trading. So this is the main reason why it is necessary to introduce and enrich the knowledge of traders.

The more you gain valid knowledge of crypto terms and mechanisms, the lower the risk of fraud. Especially if traders don’t do dyor and only join in when choosing crypto assets.

TCW Token Participation

As one of the original domestic tokens, TCW token also participates in providing education in terms of cryptocurrencies. One of the projects is a journalism platform that collaborates with the blockchain system.

The more people who know what cryptocurrency is, the more people will understand. Because, until now, every day a new crypto token is born. 

In addition, blockchain systems have been adapted and used in various fields that support life. For example, tourism, banking, music, games, and much more. Moreover, this system applies universally.

The most important hope is that the community can follow the development of era. In addition, you can stay aware of the risk of fraud because crypto assets can provide large profits over the stock market. 

Government support is also important to help the community in terms of crypto literacy. So that every community can follow the applicable laws and regulations. Because, in some countries, crypto can be a means of payment while in Indonesia itself, there is still a ban.


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