Crypto Asset Winter, What Do TCW Token Holders Need To Understand?

THECRYPTO.WATCHSome crypto exchanges are experiencing winter conditions. This condition also affects traders in responding to the current crypto market. 

Several exchanges are experiencing crypto asset winter. It is characterized by the attitude of investors who avoid trading because of falling prices.

Understanding Crypto Asset Winter Conditions

This condition is characterized by the trading volume of crypto assets and their decreasing activity. You can see it on the FTX exchange. Of course, not only one or two assets are experiencing this condition. 

Following the aftermath of falling prices, crypto asset winter will usually see a lot of rapid volume from crypto investors. The sale of crypto assets occurs at a time of market panic. Then, there was an even longer period of declining volume.

This is as a result of the volatility of the crypto market. So there needs to be more trust from retail investors so that volume can return to normal. 

Several Exchanges Have Dropped

Daily volume decreased which was followed by Coinbase Global, Inc. The largest crypto exchange in the United States has experienced a decline in daily volume in the past week. 

This does not affect the overall condition of the crypto market, but also has an effect on the value of the stock. This is because trading fees make up the majority of Coinbase’s revenue.  

Revenue in the third quarter was very low when compared to November last year. This downturn has resulted in lower trading volumes. When it comes to a certain point, it will make crypto traders reluctant to get involved.

Most likely, it will result in asset prices flattening after a price decline. So traders must prepare themselves.

How do TCW token holders face this condition? Crypto asset experts suggest looking at crypto assets that have good fundamentals. You can choose it from a large capitalization or from a project that is clear and has prospects for the future.

You can also choose assets that adhere to De-Fi. The reason is that the trend for the upcoming crypto industry is tokens that have a large and well-explored ecosystem.

TCW token can be your choice when facing crypto asset winter. Traders must also be able to prepare for all eventualities that may occur. 


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