The Do’s and Don’ts in Trading Using Crypto

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Investing in crypto assets is indeed tempting, even though the volatility is quite high. Apart from investing, you can also run trading using crypto. Some companies have even implemented this system in their transactions. Are you interested in using this method?

Choose the Right Platform Application

However, not all investors understand this method, especially new investors. Before investing, it’s a good idea for potential investors to get to know cryptocurrencies first and choose the right platform.

Make sure the platform used has permission from the relevant institution and is officially registered and provides education for beginner investors. Use an application that not only facilitates trading activities using crypto. Make sure the application can provide enough information for its users to be familiar with cryptocurrencies.

Things That You Should Do

  • Find out about trading crypto when you decide to invest in this crypto asset. First, learn how the coin works.
  • Use a trusted platform or application that is supervised by CoFTRA for trading cryptocurrencies to avoid fraud.
  • Buy assets according to your ability and the funds used are funds that really do not interfere with other needs.

Things That You Shouldn’t Do

 Beside the things mentioned above, there are also things that investors should not do that must be understood.

  • Do not secure funds in your personal wallet, so you don’t get hacked by cyber criminals or hackers.
  • Don’t believe and be fooled by scammers who claim to be brokers. This is usually marked by buying assets in large quantities, then the broker will convince investors to buy them because the price will go up. Even though, after buying the asset, the price actually dropped drastically.

Of course, not all brokers do this. Therefore, it is very important for investors to find out information about brokers in advance. In addition, self-control is very important for trading crypto. Don’t be tempted and force yourself to follow the trading trend beyond your ability. Crypto investments are long-term investments that take time to pay off.


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