Buy Bali Token Directly, How to do it?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – There is good news for people who want to buy Bali Token directly. This will be an innovation to make it easier for traders who want to buy without going through an exchange. This method can save a lot of time and is more practical.

About Bali Token

Being a token with fundamentals in the tourism sector is the hallmark of Bali Token. The main purpose of this token is to revive the economy through tourism. 

So that it will not only raise the name of Bali as a world tourist destination. However, it will also help strengthen the Indonesian economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through collaboration with several merchants, the development team hopes to increase the value of Bali Token. For now, the number of holders is also increasing. 

How to Buy Bali Tokens Directly

Check out the steps on how to buy Bali tokens directly below:

1.         You can make a purchase by contacting the admin of the Bali token at number 087895089999. 

2.         Inform us how many tokens you want to buy. After that, the next step is payment through a BNI account with the number 2021996998 on behalf of PT. Bali Token Global.

3.         Make a payment and after the payment process is complete, you can contact the Admin again. Don’t forget to show proof of transfer.

4.         You must also prepare the token recipient’s wallet. The data provided must also be correct so that the token delivery process runs smoothly.

5.         The admin of Bali Token will reconfirm the wallet address sent by the buyer.

6.         Purchase tokens only during business hours, which are Monday to Saturday. Token purchases will be served from 09.00 to 18.00 WITA.

This ease of purchase aims to make it easier for holders who want to make direct purchases. So you don’t have to be confused about making a purchase when the exchange is experiencing problems. 

As the token price moves higher, the enthusiasm of the holders can no longer be contained. So that this method of buying Bali Token directly becomes an alternative solution for holders. The easier it is to get coins, it can’t be denied that it will also increase the holder who buys them.


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