Bitcoin Price Changes Stable But Sales Have Dropped Drastically

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Recently, the pressure on Bitcoin digital currency sales has decreased drastically, however, price changes bitcoin is stable.

Bitcoin price changes currently tend to be stable in the range of USD 41,000 or around IDR 587.18 million assuming an exchange rate of IDR 14,321 per US dollar. However, during the last week its value has decreased by about 9 percent.

Analysis of those conditions predicts that the price of digital currencies will move in a bullish. Even so, the existence of crypto assets is very likely to be vulnerable to a continuous rate of decline in value.

Leverage on the Stable Bitcoin Price Market

A reduction in leverage on the Bitcoin and Ether futures markets could indicate a healthier market situation. Generally, the probability of additional downside volatility is lower as traders reduce position size.

Quoted by Yahoo Finance, Genevieve Yeoh, a research analyst at Delphi Digital revealed liquidation data through his blog post. Like traders, leverage can test guesses about rebounds and turbulence in the process.

Liquidation can accelerate downward price movement, this occurs when an exchange is forced to close a trader’s leveraged position due to a loss of part or all of the initial margin. This often happens in futures trading so bitcoin price is stable as before.

The Decline of BTC Lowest Value in Three Months

Now, bitcoin is nearing its lowest level in three months, tracking declines in global equity markets. Several analysis results show that there are signs of stability in the crypto market after the battery sold on 5th january 2021 showed a range of USD 800 million in price decline liquidity.

David Duong, Head of Institutional Research at Coinbase, said: “We have seen a significant reduction in risk over the past few weeks with ETH and BTC perpetual swap funding rates near zero.

Perpetual Swap Digital Currency

Perpetual swap is a type of digital currency derivative trading product that has similarities to traditional term trading.

Duong added, Leverage has experienced a sharp decline, reflected in the BTC base, which fell by around 20 percent in early Q3 2021 to 5 percent in January 2022. While the base 0 ETH fell from 20 percent to 2 percent in the same period. This shows that Bitcoin price is stable but the selling pressure has decreased.


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