The Best Crypto Asset 2022, TCW Token Has Potential

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Best Crypto Asset 2022 must be seen for its potential and opportunities. TCW Token is a part of it with the theme of journalism. 

Technological developments also contribute to the trend. Currently, the best crypto assets in 2022 are being hunted by investors. Not only looking at market capitalization, but also looking at sustainability in the future.

List of Best Crypto Assets 2022

Investing in crypto assets is high risk, but it can provide high returns as well. So, until now, there are still many people who are interested. Check out the list of assets that have the potential to rise in 2022.


After being hit by a long decline in value, Bitcoin is still holding on to position 1. The strength of the community is undeniably a factor. In addition, there are still factors of limited supply that can keep prices high. 


Being a pioneer of proof of stake, Cardano is able to speed up transaction times. In addition, it can also reduce energy use and its impact on the environment. Cardano enables smart contracts and decentralized applications. 


The next best crypto asset in 2022 is Solana. Solana’s existence supports the decentralization of finance and decentralization of apps. The price increases significantly with the ability to speed up transactions.


The next position is Tether, which has support from fiat currencies. It has the ability to be more consistent than other crypto assets because it has support from dollars and euros. 

For those of you who are still beginners, you can try transacting crypto assets on this one. Its value is quite stable, so it will not experience much loss.


Being a potential asset according to Forbes, XRP has provided significant growth with an increase of 19,000 percent starting from 2017. Strengthening itself by exchanging various types of currencies. 

TCW Token

Having experienced quite an impressive growth as a newcomer token, TCW Token has begun to attract foreign investors. The sprawling growth in this one month is the reason this token has potential. Along with the movement of values ​​that began to rise.

Complete your portfolio with the best crypto assets 2022. So that it will increase the profits on crypto asset investments. And continue to analyze the volatile cryptocurrency market.


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