Crypto Crash Today, Bitcoin and Friends Plummeted

THECRYPTO.WATCHCrypto crash today, when you hear the word crash,certainly that will make crypto owners’s hearts pounding. If crypto currency crashes, it can be ascertained that its value will plummet. Like the past few days, there has been a drastic decline in some cryptos.

The cryptos that crashed were Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Binance coin, and several other cryptos. According to data from a website, the decline ranged from up to 10 percent. Then, how much is the price range of crypto currency that has plummeted? Check it all out here.

The Crashing Crypto Price Range

The drastic drop in the price of cryptocurrencies has made the cryptocurrency evaporate. Despite that, the crypto market cap fell by 7 percent to 1.4 trillion dollars.

As a result of crypto crash today, there was a decrease in the price of Bitcoin by 7.7 percent to the level of 38,737 US dollars. Whereas previously, the price of Bitcoin was at the level of 43,000 US dollars per chip. Suddenly, throughout the day the price of Bitcoin has decreased consistently.  The decline even reached its lowest point, which was 38,287 dollars.

cryptocurrencies that have occurred in the last month. Even more exciting, the decline did not only occur in Bitcoin. But also other cryptocurrencies.

For example, in crypto Ethereum, which fell by 9 percent, the result was that the trading price was around 2800 dollars per chip. Whereas previously, the price of Ethereum had reached the level of 3200 dollars per piece.

Then there is the Binance Coin, whose value has greatly decreased from the previous 10.3 percent. The price has reached 425 dollars per chip. There is also Dogecoin, which is often used as a promotional material by Elon Musk, It also decreased by 7.66 percent.

The cryptocurrencies that have decreased are Shiba Inu, Polkadot, Polygon, Cardano, XRP, and many others.

It turns out that the price drop experienced by some cryptos is the result of negative sentiment from investors related to the policies that will be given to cryptocurrencies in the future. Even though this policy occurred because there were parties who did not approve of the growth of digital assets around the world.

That’s the news about the crypto crash today, which resulted in some crypto values ​​dropping by up to 10 percent. Whereas previously, the value was stable. However, it is not impossible that the value will increase in the future. Hopefully so.


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