TCW Token Facebook, Beware! Don’t Be Fooled!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – There is a TCW Token Facebook account which is indicated as a scammer. You should always be vigilant and only follow genuine social media accounts.

The development team has found a TCW Token Facebook account that is indicated to be fake. After tracing the contents of the account, it does not reflect and explain what crypto and tokens are. Being vigilant will keep you from all forms of fraud.

Beware of TCW Token Facebook Fake Accounts

Social media is one of the means used to promote tokens. The developer has prepared Facebook, Twitter, website and Telegram accounts as a supporting ecosystem for the development of the token. So that potential traders can assess how appropriate the token is as an asset from this promotional tool.

However, it seems that some irresponsible parties want to take advantage of it. The initial preventive step is to notify each token holder that they do not follow all the information contained in the TCW Token Facebook account

Next Steps 

Before anything untoward happens, all holders should only follow all social media accounts in the group. You can also check it via Telegram or the website. 

There are several social media from TCW Token, they are:





So it is quite clear to find the correct information only in these social media accounts. Why affirmation is needed is to avoid problems in the future. Especially if the fake account spreads untrue news.

Building a good ecosystem with openness must also be accompanied by a vigilant attitude. So it is important for all parties to only seek the truth of the information on the original accounts.

As a trader, you should not accept all information unilaterally. We recommend that you recheck to ensure the correctness of the information. As you know, a token can also be affected by misleading news.

The developer team is not responsible for any information contained in the TCW Token Facebook fake account. So you should not heed any invitations or orders from fake accounts. Therefore, if there are accounts that appear other than the official account, it is better to report it to the development team. 


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