TCW Token Autoburn Concept, The Community Must Understand This!

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The birth of TCW token autoburn concept, whose main purpose is as a mechanism to keep prices stable and anticipate dumps.

Keeping prices stable in the midst of a volatile cryptocurrency market, so this TCW token autoburn concept emerged. As a solution from the development team to maintain the token price.

Autoburn TCW Token Concept

There are several points that can be a concern in understanding the concept of autoburn. Because, basically the meaning is very different.

Autoburn Wallet

You can understand it from the autoburn wallet. You will get complete information about every transaction that occurs. TCW token currently has 542 addresses. 

In addition, you can check the Txn Hash and the method used. You can find out the time and origin of the transaction. Most important is the number of transactions. 

You can also check the contract information. Currently, the BNB reward balance is 3627070586848534377. As for the BNB balance, it is 53974984369801574. 

Burning Mechanism

Every sale and purchase transaction and transfer will be recorded in TCW token autoburn concept in the wallet. The next important point that you must understand is the 1 percent tax. 

This tax will later be used to purchase tokens. After the purchase process, the token is then sent to the burn address. So the actual concept of burn token is not in the sense of actual burning.

Rather, it aims to issue the value that is in the TCW token after it is turned off. So next is the process of distributing tokens that are still active or traded on the market.

The existence of this autoburn wallet is also to distinguish it from other transactions. So that when potential investors do the analysis. They are not confused anymore. Sometimes, due to lack of thoroughness, the holders misread the transaction. 

The existence of transparent information to the holders and the community as well as a proof to always work professionally. Because, to reach the top, a team must be solid based on honesty and openness.

The existence of TCW token autoburn concept will also help the team find out how effective a policy is. In addition, it can be used as a stepping stone to determine the next step so that the token price is higher and there are more fans.


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