Metaverse Next Earth, Offer Army Headquarters and National Monument to the Public?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Did you know that Army Headquarters and National Monument are now available for sale? A marketplace platform known as Metaverse Next Earth is now offering the building in NFT form.

Only by spending IDR 41,499, the virtual National Monument building can be owned by those who want it. It can also be sold per plot at a price of IDR 1,383. Meanwhile, the Army Headquarters is valued at IDR 5,118. If you want to buy it per plot, you just need to spend IDR 2,490.

What is Metaverse Next Earth?

Not only buildings from Indonesia, Next Earth also sells several other buildings. However, what exactly is Metaverse Next Earth ? And what is the reason for selling NFT from various countries?

Next Earth is a decentralized startup project based on blockchain technology. The goal is to create a virtual Earth. This virtual-based replica managed to sell 25 million plots of Earth.

Next Earth itself is directly connected to DeFi and DAO. So users can own their assets virtually in various parts of the world. Whether in the form of a residence or a historical building.

Assets that have been purchased are also still being traded among other users. Because Next Earth operates on the Ethereum blockchain with the Polygon network, users can buy various other assets around the world.

New Global Community

The existence of Next Earth not only provides material benefits, but also creates a new global community. Even with the existence of this international community, the accumulated members reach thousands on the Discord platform. The languages ​​used are also varied, ranging from German, Hungarian, French, Korean, Serbian, and many more.

The formed community is filled with discussions of ideas and strategies for building a better Metaverse. They can also interact with others, no longer limited to social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

There are many historical buildings for sale in the Metaverse Next Earth . All users can buy it according to their own wishes. However, it is also possible to resell it to other users.


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