3 Metaverse Crypto 2022 that Have Great Potential, While It’s Still Cheap 

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The beginning of 2022 is a good time to start looking to buy crypto assets. Reportedly, there are several Metaverse crypto 2022 that have great potential. So it’s a shame to miss it.

Indeed, lately, the crypto market has started to experience a decline, thus pushing the market to return to bearish. However, that won’t be the case with the Metaverse crypto coin, which started to give code, experienced significant growth. If you are interested in getting into the metaverse crypto, find out what has great potential in 2022.

Crypto Metaverse 2022 that Has Great Potential

Although the state of cryptocurrencies has started to worry lately. But, that doesn’t mean everyone experiences the same thing. Like Metaverse crypto 2022 , some of which have great potential. What are the names of the coins, see the following reviews.

First launched In July 2021, Starlink is a metaverse that uses a blockchain base that allows users to do several things. For example, playing, exploring, trading, and even being able to socialize with other players.

The Starlink metaverse is focused on being a decentralized metaverse, thus setting it apart from other metaverses. Starlink will be used as native currency on a platform for all metaverse users. Apart from that, it also includes interactions with clubs, media, education, and many more.

Radio Caca 

The next crypto metaverse is Radio Caca, which launched in August 2021. Crypto is the exclusive NFT manager of Maye Musk who is Elon Musk’s mother. Radio Caca also includes native tokens. Where users can own land, build shops, play, and make various kinds of games.


First launched in 2019, Veracity is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to earn VRA tokens just by watching a video. Users can create an account using an email and start receiving tokens when they complete a mission to watch videos on Veracity.tv. Then the prize will be distributed instantly. But the rewards program is valid for only 5 VRA per day.

Those are the 3 types of crypto Metaverse 2022 that have high potential. These cryptos can be considered as investors. So, immediately get the Metaverse crypto, while the price is still standard or cheap.


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