Today’s Crypto Prices, Bitcoin is Increasingly Worrying

THECRYPTO.WATCHToday’s crypto prices news is always eagerly awaited by all cryptocurrency asset owners. They want to know about the current price of crypto. Is it a gain or a loss? One of the crypto coins being discussed this time is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the cryptos that has the largest market capitalization among others. However, currently the coin is experiencing a decline. Not only Bitcoin, there are other cryptos that are also starting to weaken.

Today’s Crypto Prices Movements 

As a result of the weakening of Bitcoin and other cryptos which have a large market share, some investors have not started to be interested in hunting for crypto assets. The reason is that investors still have concerns about the stance of the US central bank, which has become more hawkish.

According to data from CoinmarketCap, there are several crypto coins whose trading is still in the green zone. Those cryptos are the digital coin Cardano, XRP, and two crypto stablecoins. Today’s crypto prices for the coins are $1.27 per coin for Cardano which is now up 2.8 percent. The price is equivalent to IDR 18,237 per coin. That’s the assumption of the price with today’s dollar exchange rate of IDR 14,360.

There is XRP which starts increasing by 0.25 percent at a price of US $ 0.7737 per coin, which is equivalent to Rp. 11,110. In the meantime, for others today’s crypto prices . Bitcoin began to decline to 1.42 percent. Dropped drastically for Ethereum to 3.88 percent. Worse yet, there was Solana, which fell by 3.885 percent.

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