TCW Token Wallet change, what are its functions?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The existence of setting the wallet capacity of each address will have an effect. There is a change in TCW token wallet that will affect the market cap. Its main objective is to attract even more investors. 

TCW Token Wallet Change Functions 

Various ways have been tried by the developer team to develop TCW token. Changes to the wallet are one of the focus points at this time. Initially, for crypto wallets this token is 0.5 percent. 

For now, there is a change to 1 percent. This is not done without reason. There are several functions that this token wants to achieve in realizing impartiality. 

The development team wants these token holders to receive the appropriate rights. So the decision to make this change was taken. There are several functions that can be realized by changing the capacity of this wallet, they are:

Prevention of Multiple Token Ownership

The first goal is that no address has excessive tokens. So it is necessary to change this rule. At first the address wallet only held 500 billion tokens. With this change, the wallet on the address can accommodate as much as 1 trillion. 

It Can Be Distributed During Fair Launch

The next change that occurs in TCW token wallet is that tokens can be spread during the fair lauch. The low price at the fair launch will be used by many parties to purchase tokens. 

If it is not limited, the possibility that will happen is that whales can buy up the existing supply of tokens. Of course, it can be misused and will cause new problems. 

Anticipate Dump Chart

As you know, dump is an agreement by market participants to sell together. Usually it’s done in one group, which makes it bearish. Therefore, it is necessary to make these changes.

Enlarging Market Cap

Market cap is very important because it becomes a benchmark to measure the value of crypto currency. In addition, the market cap serves to perform value comparisons across cryptocurrencies. You can also compare the total value of a crypto asset stabilizing crypto asset. 

The existence of TCW token wallet changes will maximize the spread of the token. At the same time, it will give the Whale an opportunity to buy tokens. However, it can still achieve impartiality.


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