How to Build a Portfolio, TCW Token Holders Must Know

THECRYPTO.WATCH – Many experts suggest that every crypto trader can how to build a portfolio to maximize profits. Apart from preparing a strategy, a portfolio will help you manage crypto assets even better.

Strategy for Developing Crypto Portfolio

Holdersof TCW token can start creating a portfolio, considering that long-term investment requires careful preparation. Here are some things that can help TCW token owners :

Market Capitalization

Defines market capitalization as the proportion that a cryptocurrency has to the entire market. So it can show its dominance. In addition, you can pay attention to the value of the project. 

Projects with a small market capitalization value can also develop and have even better potential.


To determine whether an asset can survive is to look at its utility. What is the value of its use and who can use the project.

TCW token develop applications for journalism that will connect to existing systems on cryptocurrencies. So it’s no doubt for utility to be part of your portfolio.

Daily Volume 

The next tip to build crypto a portfolio is to look at the daily volume. Examine the number of transactions per day. In addition, also pay attention to the volume. However, the most important thing is to distinguish between real transactions and those whose value is zero.

Continuous Development

Another most important aspect of crypto is sustainable development. If the technology that runs the crypto asset doesn’t fit its goals, it certainly won’t be able to continue in the long term.

Therefore, it is better to choose assets that have developments that have clear goals. And has the possibility of continuing to perform even better. 

Market Sentiment 

The performance of an asset can also be affected by certain news. For example, such as tokens that have a small capitalization. Therefore, you can check directly on the website to read market sentiment.

The project that is being worked on, does it match the portfolio that you are going to compile. So that the goal can be achieved.

Incorporating TCW tokens into how to build a portfolio will allow you to map the benefits you want to earn. This will minimize profits.


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