4 TCW Token Trading Strategies You Must Understand

THECRYPTO.WATCH – In order to understand the crypto market trends, it is better to do TCW token trading strategy. So you can maximize profits from trading cryptocurrency assets. Especially for beginner traders who do not have experience, they should understand it. 

4 TCW Token trading strategies

The growth of TCW token shows good things, because its current price is $0.00000000403986. Meanwhile, the current market cap is $360,012.

For those of you who are TCW token holders, but still don’t have much experience, you should listen to the following strategies. 


This scalping technique is suitable for short-term trading so that you get instant profits. It is called short-term profit because traders hold tokens for minutes or seconds.

However, the benefits that will be obtained are not as large as if you use other techniques. The purpose of this scalping technique is to make a small profit that accumulates throughout the day. The optimal time to profit is when the market is busy.

Day Trading

Different from TCW token trading strategy day trading which will hold crypto tokens all day long. Also known as intraday, i.e. when crypto traders enter and exit on the same day. Before executing this strategy, you must monitor the market conditions of  TCW token. 

So that it can identify the current market trend. The profit you will get is also small. However, it will not be affected by crypto volatility overnight. 

Swing Trading

As for swing trading, you need to hold the token for a few days or it could be a few weeks. Those of you who have a busy schedule are very profitable running this trading strategy. 

There is no need to think about losses anymore, because you are not looking for profit every day but following the trend. In addition, using this strategy will maximize profits. 

Position Trading

Choosing this strategy, you only need to focus on price changes in the long term. However, you should still do weekly and monthly analysis to see market trends. You also don’t have to worry about minor price fluctuations.

TCW token trading strategy will help you find the right style. Because one trader with another has techniques for trading according to comfort and needs. 


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