Investors Left Crypto, Stocks Are Back in Demand?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The start of the year was happily celebrated due to the rising price of crypto coins. But now there is news that investors left crypto. They show signs of wanting to return to playing stocks. Especially, after the majority price of the digital asset was corrected again by its large market capitalization value.

The Reasons Investors Left Crypto

There was a big correction on Tuesday (4/1) because investors left crypto. They tend to choose the stock market after seeing positive news from the market regarding the economic recovery this year.

Only Altcoin Polkadot still survives in the green zone. The strengthening that occurs also tends to be thin, compared to its success a few days ago. Polkadot strengthened about 0.66 percent to IDR 425,681 per coin. CoinMarketCap reported the data at 09.10 WIB.

While other coins experienced a significant weakening. Starting from Bitcoin, which weakened about 1.95 percent so that its value became US $ 46,098.6 per coin. Followed by Ethereum, which fell 1.73 percent to US $ 3,731 per coin.

Followed by Binance Coin, which experienced a lot of decline, to US $ 505.49 per coin. Because the weakening experienced reached 4.12 percent. Meanwhile, Solana also did not want to lose, weakening by 3.55 percent to US$ 167.81. Likewise Cardano, which also collapsed around 4.08 percent, bringing its value to US$ 1.3/coin.

Different news was heard from the stock market. Especially technology stocks that have been excellent since entering the new year. In the initial trading of the United States stock market, technology stocks are now a star in 2022.

It is evident from Apple’s stock price which shot up to 2.5 percent. In fact, it became the first issuer to be the first issuer in market capitalization with a value of more than US$ 3 trillion. Tesla shares did not want to lose, even more phenomena than Apple. Because the increase experienced reached 12.4%.percent of the original price.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Big cap coins are back in the red this morning. Especially because of rumors that investors left crypto. Even so, that does not mean crypto will be abandoned completely.


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