Zipmex Token Skyrocketed, 3 Tips for Safe Crypto Investment 

THECRYPTO.WATCH – After rebounding in November, Zipmex Token skyrocketed and even reached its all-time high of Rp.86,666. The increase is suspected to be increasing investor interest in crypto assets.

How to safely invest in crypto without being haunted by fear of its security and volatility? Here’s the review.

Zipmex Token Skyrocketed. 3 Tips for Safe Crypto Investment

Zipmex Token skyrocketed at the turn of the year, making the local crypto market more excited.

Here’s how to invest in crypto safely without worrying about the increasing volatility, internet crime, and crypto scams.

Investing in cold money

Many crypto experts state, if volatility is a hallmark of crypto that will not go away. So if new investors feel pressured by crypto volatility, then crypto is not for them.

According to Time, invest only 5 percent of your portfolio in crypto and make sure it is cold money. Cold money is money that will have no effect on the future and health insurance. Also make sure you have paid off the biggest debts.

Avoiding crypto crime

Apart from volatility, the worrying thing about crypto is hacking and fraud. Throughout 2020-2021 there has been an increase in fraud in the name of crypto. Usually these scams are wrapped in invitations to increase investments or make money with certain crypto tricks.

Time advises to ignore solicitations, which are not based on personal requests, in terms of crypto. Do all your own research and use a reputable exchange to make transactions.

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