The Formation of Crypto Exchange That is Awaited by Investors

THECRYPTO.WATCHThe formation of crypto exchange is something that has been eagerly awaited by the public. The plan is for the crypto exchange to be officially launched at the end of this year. Meanwhile, CoFTRA has prepared a test for candidates for the board of commissioners and prospective directors who will sit on the crypto exchange.

The existence of the crypto exchange is expected to encourage the increase and strengthening of crypto assets in Indonesia. Not only that, but crypto exchanges can also give investors confidence that they have received security protection to legality. How important is the crypto exchange? see the following review.

The Meaning of the Formation of Crypto Exchange Presence

The formation of crypto exchange in Indonesia is very important for all crypto asset owners. The existence of a crypto exchange can shape the trust of the Indonesian people or investors in the country. So that it can increase investor confidence that the purchase of crypto assets in Indonesia will be more secure.

Please note that in Indonesia, there are various platforms that provide crypto assets. With the existence of a crypto exchange, it is hoped that all platforms in Indonesia will not only provide crypto buying and selling services. But it can provide other crypto derivative products.

For all crypto asset holders, the presence of a crypto exchange can provide maximum protection for them. So that investors feel safe when they buy crypto from theft, robbery, and so on.

The average crypto transaction in Indonesia is 1 trillion, this number may feel smaller compared to other countries. However, crypto asset providers are optimistic that in the future, these transactions will increase.

With the increasing number of crypto transactions every year, it is necessary to have a place to be able to protect investors’ crypto assets. The existence of a crypto exchange is indeed a new plan that will be realized by the government. But of course, everyone hopes that the crypto exchange really runs as it should and is not misused for other things that could harm investors.

That’s the explanation of the formation of crypto exchange that is welcomed by all crypto asset investors. The existence of the exchange is expected to be a breath of fresh air for the protection of their assets in the form of personal data and others.


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