Fundamental Micin Coins, Have You Owned One?

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The more developing the crypto world, the more fundamental micin coins emerge. It is called so, because its market capitalization is low but it has a large supply of tokens. The price is relatively cheap like when you buy micin.

Fundamental Micin Coins

The price is very cheap, you can have hundreds of coins and tokens of this type. So those of you who have mediocre capital can take advantage of this moment to add crypto assets.

Having a large profit potential, micin coins are also easy to pump by the community. So that in a short time, you can have a large selling price, by 100 to 500 percent. Here are some micin crypto assets that you can own:

Shiba Inu

Appeared in 2020, Shiba Inu has won the Doge rank on CoinMarketCap in October 2021. Shiba Inu price is bullish due to positive sentiment from the crypto market. Through Elon Musk’s Twitter, the price of this micin coin went up.

Its popularity has skyrocketed, reaching a record high of 0.00008841. In addition, this coin serves a social cause, with a portion of the profits going to the Dog Breeding Foundation.

Baby Doge

The next fundamental micin coin is the Baby Doge. Launched in June 2021. Its ambitious roadmap with charitable efforts for pets, creation of NFT and Games.

The holders of this coin have reached 250 thousand people. The plan to make it rare is the next project.

Kishu Inu

Having a ranking of 2727, Kishu Inu has a market cap that is not directly available. It has the concept of carrying the popular cryptocurrency. Its advantages introduce the concept of the next generation. 

Buff Doge Coin 

With the goal of becoming The King of Memes, Buff Doge Coin has a unique characteristic, it’s hyper deflationary. Each will burn twice as much as the previous one.

TCW Token

Having clear and unique fundamentals, TCW token will provide a platform for authorship. So that later writers will get tokens from TCW after their work is published. This token has successfully captured the attention of its holders because it has a clear roadmap. 

Prices that continue to rise along with mature project developments will have a good impact in the future.

Fundamental micin coins are suitable for you to make long-term assets. Supported by a solid community and sustainable projects, it’s no wonder the demand is increasing.


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