Today’s Cryptocurrency Prices, Full of Passion at the Beginning of the Year

THECRYPTO.WATCH – The year 2021 has changed to the year 2022. Today’s cryptocurrency prices  also bring fresh air to holders. Evidenced by the increasingly passionate price of crypto coins since the turn of the year.

Today’s Cryptocurrency Prices Are Increasing, Either On Bitcoin or Ethereum

On Sunday (2/1) yesterday, there was a significant change in the sale of digital assets. Reporting from CoinMarketCap, information was obtained that Bitcoin experienced a price strengthening of up to 0.46%. The price increased by Rp. 680,892,000 to become USD 47352. This made the owner even happier.

Today’s cryptocurrency  prices bring not only good news for Bitcoin. But it also had an impact on Ethereum, which increased by about 0.7%. One Ethereum is now valued at USD 3770.8 or equal to Rp. 53,972,000.

The same good news also happened to Solana Terbang, which increased 2.92 percent to Rp. 2,565,474. Likewise, the SXP experienced an increase of 10.41 percent at the price of Rp. 33,220.

This significant price increase was able to ward off the worries of digital asset holders. Because at the end of last week, cryptocurrencies were in the red zone. So that causes anxiety. But that anxiety has now been quelled by the fact that cryptocurrency assets have entered the green zone again.

Is it Safe to Play Cryptocurrency in 2022?

Oscar Darmawan as CEO of Indodax stated that the trend of buying and selling crypto assets will still be very profitable. Even Bitcoin as a digital asset also promises big profits. The reason is that until now the exchange rate has almost touched the figure of Rp. 1 billion.

It’s not only Bitcoin that offers huge profits. However, other crypto coins such as Ethereum and Shiba Inu also have the same opportunity. So investors don’t have to worry.

This is because of the existence of a new ecosystem in the world. Generate the movement of new assets and old assets with increasingly large profits, including Bitcoin coins.

Thus the news on today’s  cryptocurrency prices provides fresh air for investors. The price of crypto itself managed to improve because the market was aware of the Fed’s decision.


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