How to Sell Works on NFT to Earn Coins

THECRYPTO.WATCH – NFT itself stands for non-fungible token. Generation X and Generation Y are also curious about how to sell works on NFT to get crypto coins. The discussion about this is still hot.

What is NFT?

In fact, NFT is a certificate of ownership of a work. Where the work is free to be traded officially and can be stored in a blockchain or digital transaction system. Marketing can also be widely circulated with the creator as the owner of the original version.

At first glance, NFT transactions are similar to selling cryptocurrencies. The difference lies in the functions that cannot be exchanged, but can only be traded. For this NFT, almost all types of proprietary elements in digital form can be recognized as the property of the creator. Whether in the form of art, virtual items in video games (skins), music or collectibles.

NFT also has unique properties because it has nothing in common with other NFTs. So it is often juxtaposed with the words rare and exclusive. It even takes a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

How to Sell Works on NFT and Buy It

Then how do you sell works on NFT so that they can provide benefits for the owner? Here are the steps you can take to sell the work.

The first step that must be done is to choose the blockchain that is considered the most appropriate. You can use a blockchain that works as a publisher of works. For example Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain or choose Tezos.

The sales process can take place between different platforms. The owner of the work only needs to go to the market and follow the instructions given. So it can be converted into NFT. To be more detailed, also added some specific things such as job details and the desired price.

How to buy NFT is also not complicated. Buyers only need to determine which digital market they feel is the most suitable. Then proceed by using a digital wallet and the type of crypto coin  that will be selected.

In general, how to sell works on NFT and how to buy them are very simple. It only takes some preparation before trading these digital assets. Ethereum is often chosen as the NFT medium of exchange.


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